Precious Metals Supplies | Coin Flips

Precious Metals Supplies | Coin Flips

An important part of investing in precious metal bullion is protecting and preserving its condition, as the condition of the coin is an important part of the value of the coin. Any kind of damage or corrosion to the bullion can lead to a significant loss in value, thereby lowering its price. Hence, precious metal coins and bars need to be handled carefully. Special capsules, coin flips, and tubes are required to store precious metal products to maintain their pristine condition. We offer everything from coin flips to gold testers to supplies for storing silver coins. 

Precious metal coins and ingots are sensitive to any change in weather, for instance, excessive moisture and heat can corrode the coins and ingots and can also cause discoloration in the long run. Similarly, if stored in containers made of PVC, it’s important to know that PVC can react to heat and light and can release substances like hydrochloric acid, which can be very harmful for the coin’s condition and affect its resale value. That's why coin flips are so essential. 

Precious metals like gold and silver in their pure form are vulnerable to damages. Gold can scratch and dent easily. It is not advised to handle gold bullion with naked hands or to bring it too close to your face, as the oil in your hands and exhaled breath can affect the metal in several ways. Coins need to be handled while wearing gloves and should be placed on a soft cloth for examining, and not kept on hard surfaces. Even specks of dust settled on coins can affect them in the long run. Coins need to be stored in a cool and dry place in quality coin flips containers that do not react to the elements.

In order to keep your rounds, coins, and bars intact and attractively displayed, Bullion Exchanges offers an array of supplies that can help you protect and care for your precious metal purchases. We have supplies ranging from individual coin capsules, coin tubes of different shapes to fit coins from different mints, monster boxes issued from mints as well as private companies that can hold several tubes or  PCGS and NGC graded and packed coins, individual mint-issued display boxes for putting forward an attractive display of coins or for gifting purposes, and bezels to gift coins as jewelry or even to make a beautiful piece of jewelry from a favorite coin for yourself. Browse through our vast supplies list to find an appropriate container to protect your coins.

Coin Flips Capsule:

If you have several special single coins of a variety of sizes, then coin flips capsules are the best solution for you. These capsules are made of extra-durable, chemically inert acrylic that is scratch resistant. They are also acid and softener free, which will not react to different changes in weather, heat, or light, thereby maintaining the pristine condition of your coins. The coin capsule has a secure locking mechanism but remains easy to open. They come in different sizes to accommodate almost all US and international coins. There are also different varieties of capsules available like:

  1. Direct fit air-tight containers have two parts, the cover, and the base which snap together for secure locking and also can be opened easily.
  1. Ring-type air-tight containers that consist of a cover, a foam ring, and a base. The coin will be held within the foam ring for better protection.
  1. Direct fit air-tight holders in retail packing. These are individually and attractively packed and made of archival-safe material. The package consists of the cover and the base and is great for either personal use or for resale.

Coin Tubes:

Instead of storing gold or storing silver coins in bags or paper bankrolls, your coins are better protected in coin tubes, making it the right choice for storing large quantities of coins. The advantage of storing coins in these tubes is that all tubes are inert, archival safe, durable, and free of PVC. Coins can slide and abrade in a bag, whereas they will be stacked neatly in a tube and have no space to move or slide.  The value of your coins will be well-protected in these tubes. For space efficiency, a large number of coins can be stacked in a small tube. The basic designs available are round tubes or square tubes. They can come with a screw cap or a snap-on cap. We have mint-specific coin tubes such as the US Mint tube, Austrian Mint tube, RCM tube, and mint empty tube that is issued from some other popular mint is available. Series specific coin tubes of different sizes such as Gold Britannia coin tubes, Gold American Eagle coin tubes, Gold Krugerrand coin tubes, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Tubes are also available for purchase from us.  

Coin Boxes:

A coin storage box is an ideal way of organizing and storing your coins. We offer a variety of mint-issued monster boxes for the purpose of storing a large number of coins in a small space. Additionally, these boxes can be stacked easily and are quite convenient to carry while continuing to keep your coins protected and undamaged. There are options of purchasing either an empty storage box to store your coin tubes or if you haven’t purchased these tubes already, the combination of monster boxes with their tubes are now available for purchase. Mint-issues boxes specific to particular coin series such as a monster box for American Silver Eagles, Canadian silver maple leaves, etc. are also available. You can also purchase empty, original mint display boxes for particular coins along with their certificate of authentication. Display boxes can also be used for gifting a coin. Apart from these, we offer PCGS and NGC coin holder boxes in which several individual PCGS and NGC graded coins that come in sealed plastic slabs can be stored.


Bezels are jewelry frames in which you can display your favorite or lucky coin. These bezels are made of sterling silver and come with a screw top fitting which allows you to lodge your favorite coin within the coin bezel without damaging the coin in any way.  The bezel holds the coin in place and within its protective rim, your coin is safe from damage. You can use the bezel to mount a coin to present it as a gift to your child or spouse. You can also use it for displaying a rare coin. Different sizes of bezels are available.

Precious Metal Verifier:

Bullion Exchanges also offers a Precious Metal Verifier. Precious metals and gold testers are a must for serious collectors and investors to measure the bulk metal in a bullion coin or a bar and also detect counterfeits. It can assess a coin or bar within a second without affecting or damaging the bullion product.