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Many investors switch their preferences from traditional stocks to precious metal bullion, like bars, rounds, and other sculpted bullion types. This change may be caused by the financial impact of the latest economic crises and their following decision to secure future investments through tangible assets. Yet, this shift can be also motivated by the expanding number of private mints. Thanks to their wide range of precious metal products, investors and collectors receive the opportunity to choose their investment options beyond the coins produced by government mints.

About Private Mints

Private Mints are privately owned businesses that refine precious metals and manufacture non-government bullion products. Comparing with their government counterparts, such as Royal Mint, US Mint or Royal Canadian Mint, private mints are not authorized to produce legal tender coins. Precious metal bullion issued by governments must be mandatorily commissioned and regulated by national Treasury Departments. If not, they can be subject to criminal charges of forgery. On the other side, private mints are flexible in changing designs and minting custom options. These many advantages afforded to private mints empowers them with the opportunity to produce a wide collection of various and unique designs.

Private Mint Bullion Types

Although private mints are not authorized to produce legal tender coins, they are allowed to manufacture various precious metal bullion options, with no restrictions on their composition, shape, design or mintage, from the most popular rounds and bars to sculpted bullion types, like bullets. This freedom of choice has provided the private mints with the opportunity to produce one of the most outstanding, impressive and innovative bullion types on the precious metals market.

Bullion Bars

Bullion bars are the most popular precious metal bullion option manufactured by private mints. They are preferred by investors and collectors because they can be easily stacked or stored due to their rectangular shape and their high purity of a minimum 99.9%. Bullion bars are produced of platinum, palladium, silver, gold and copper. Yet, some of them may have a mixed precious metal content, like the Valcambi CombiBar. There are private mints which produce bars of different precious metal content, and there are some which are specialized in producing bars of one certain precious metal.

Bullion bars are available in many weight options, from small sizes such as 1 oz. bars, like the most famous PAMP Suisse gold bar or PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Silver Bar, usually stored in individual safes, to large sizes of 100 oz. or 1 kg, like the RMC Silver bar, stored in depositories or bank storages. However, investors should take into consideration that although private mints don’t have any size production limitations, in some states or countries there are specific taxation policies on purchasing bullion items or restrictions on precious metal investments in personal retirements accounts. Most of the available bullion bars come with creative and artistic designs and display their private mints’ trademarks.

Bullion Rounds

The second most popular bullion design produced by private mints is the flat and circular disc called a bullion round. Their shapes are almost exactly the same as those of the coins, but the difference between them is that rounds are manufactured by private mints without any restrictions and are not legal tender while coins produced by national mints have to be commissioned and regulated by National Treasury Departments. However, many private mints are inspired by coins designs and produce rounds with similar depictions as currency coins, like the Buffalo Head Nickel or the Canadian Maple Leaf. Bullion Round sizes vary from 1/10 oz. up to the most famous size of 1 oz., making them easy to be collected and stored in individual safes. Just like bars, rounds can be produced of platinum, palladium, silver, gold and copper with the highest purity. Their designs vary, from the private mint label, like the RMC silver round, to designs which celebrate particular occasions or events, like the Lunar series. This is the main reason why rounds are very sought-after since they are unique and impressive souvenirs and gifts.

Sculpted Bullion

Besides producing bullion bars and rounds, private mints also manufacture their own precious metal custom sized pieces called sculpted or molded bullion, like bullets. These bullion pieces are also made of the finest precious metal content, mostly of gold or silver. The most popular molded bullion pieces are NTR bullets, Elemetal soldiers and the Atlantis Mint eagles. Sculpted bullion is a perfect gift option for special occasions, events, birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Private Bullion Prices

The biggest advantage of privately minted bullion is that usually their prices carry lower premiums since they are not legal tender. The absence of mintage restriction and government regulation generates opportunities for larger quantity products and thus a lower bullion price. The availability of private mint bullion and the constant competition between them also influences the lowering of their prices, comparing to coins which are mostly very rare and manufactured by national mints having production monopoly.

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