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Skyline Silver Notes

Skyline silver notes are a little different from Silver Currency Notes. These silver notes require manufacturing silver into thin, flexible sheets. Even though these silver notes are thinner than paper, you will find that the silver content is highly impressive. On top of the splendid silver quality, these notes have high-resolution, colorized photos of famous locations, figures, and more. For example, you can see the beautiful Sydney skyline on the 2017 5 Gram Cook Islands Skyline Foil Note $1 - Sydney Silver Note. Diversify your silver collection today with Skyline Silver Notes!

Coin Invest Trust & Skyline Dollars

The Coin Invest Trust, often abbreviated as CIT, is a coin dealer that began in Liechtenstein about fifty years ago. Often striking their own highly creative coins, products from the CIT are now accepted as part of the international standard. Over 350 new coins are designed and released every year. The Skyline Dollars are made by the Cook Islands and showcase major and minor global cities with their most stunning areas. The highly collectible silver notes are thin and flexible, and they are made of five grams of fine silver. An extremely beloved series, the Skyline Silver Notes often sell out every year. Buy silver notes like these Skyline Dollars with Bullion Exchanges.

Buy Silver Notes and More From Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is always excited to carry silver notes, and we carry a variety produced by the Coin Invest Trust. On top of their beautiful artistry, the silver notes are easy to store and transport. If you like silver, consider expanding your collection and buy silver notes today. Before you finish shopping, take a look at our deals page! If you have any questions about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.