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Are there any coin dealers near me?

Bullion Exchanges offers you the best guide to purchasing precious metals products locally. Each state bullion directory displays an extensive list of top local coin shops and bullion dealers, as well as the most popular coin shows, numismatic events, bullion depositories, mints, smelters, and refiners in the area. Select your state by clicking on the map or list below, then you’ll be able to see the top dealers near you or within a particular city.

You may have to pay taxes on local precious metals purchases as there are distinct bullion taxes according to each state’s regulation. In some U.S. states, precious metal items are exempted from any bullion sales tax while within state borders. In other states, this tax can be up to 12%, which makes a significant impact on local bullion investments. For this reason, our guide to purchasing precious metals products locally was also created to inform you about the existing tax laws in various states.

You can avoid paying local sales taxes by purchasing precious metals from one of the best online bullion dealers in the United States - Bullion Exchanges.

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If you are living in a country outside the United States and looking to buy gold or just searching for the best international gold storage, Bullion Exchanges is here to help. We provide you the best guide to investing and storing bullion internationally, including each country’s top bullion dealers and coin shops along with its renowned numismatic shows and events, international and private bullion vaults, national and private mints, commodity and futures markets, and precious metals refiners. Click on your country on the interactive map or on the list below for more information.

Based on national sales tax laws, precious metals purchases in some countries are subject to taxation, but you may find excellent offshore options in which investing and storing bullion items is tax-free. Several nations also provide rental services of an anonymous safety deposit box for those who prefer increased secrecy. This guide to purchasing precious metals products internationally offers you all the information you need about the existing sales taxes on precious metals in each country displayed on the map.

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