Engelhard Silver Rounds

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Engelhard Silver Rounds

In the early 20th century, a man named Charles Engelhard became a bold entrepreneur starting his own company. Engelhard crafted some of the most popular silver bars and rounds. His unparalleled reputation made him a giant in the precious metals game—fabricating millions of dollars worth of gold and silver.

Charles Engelhard moved to America from Germany in the late 19th century. He started his life in the U.S.A. as a platinum marketer. In 1902 he branched out on his own and specialized in platinum for the jewelry and dental industries. With a mix of successful mergers, innovative products, and strong leadership, the company thrived. Engelhard’s company also produced chemicals, minerals, and pigments. Also, they created a wide range of platinum, gold, and silver bullion bars and rounds. In 2006, the Engelhard company came to an end when the German company BASF bought out the company.

Catalytic Converters

In 1973, the company developed the first production catalytic converter. Excitedly, Ford Motor Company then bought the design. Did you know that environmentally friendly products in the auto industry include catalytic converters? The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge gave it's award to the Engelward company in 2004. This is because of Engelward's Organic Rightfit Pigments. Engelhard, therefore, played a critical role in American history for his outstanding precious metals production and the invention of catalytic converters.


The Engelhard company produced some of the most popular silver bars and rounds in the world today. Engelhard's high-quality and beautiful products gave them an unparalleled reputation in the precious metals industry. They produced only American made products. The silver rounds and bars were stamped with the weight and purity, producing a guarantee and certificate of authenticity to buyers. Engelhard silver rounds and bars were hand-poured and to this day highly collectible. The “E” over a globe proved authenticity. These products are no longer made and hence extremely popular. Investors purchase these rounds and bars for their rarity.


The Prospector Round is said to be a highly sought after investment piece for both it’s craftsmanship and rarity. To start, the obverse touts an image of a miner panning for treasure in the river. It also reads “U.S.A.,” “The AMERICAN PROSPECTOR” and year of mintage. In addition, the reverse touts an image of the powerful eagle, “ENGELHARD” “ONE TROY OUNCE” and “999+ FINE SILVER”. Production of bars was between 1982 and 1987. They are .999 fine silver. 


Stevcowovens Fabrics Company requested an exclusive round to be made for their company in the 1970s. Then the Stevcoknit rounds were born. Only 5,000 rounds went into production. Therefore, these silver rounds are quite rare and unique. However, rounds do have light contact marks from the printing process of the time. The obverse features various motifs and dates with “STEVCOKNIT” and “FABRICS OF STERLING QUALITY.” The reverse also features various motifs and dates and reads “STEVCOWOVENS.”


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