Asahi Silver Rounds

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Asahi Silver Rounds History

In 1952, Asahi Chemical Laboratory was founded in Osaka, Japan. After branching out to Precious Metals recycling in 1982, Asahi later merged with four other group companies in 1997 to form “Asahi Pretec Corp.” After years of mergers, acquisitions, and new business ventures (including expanding its Precious Metals recycling arm), “Asahi Holdings, Inc” was established in 2009. The next big shift occurred in 2015, when Asahi Holdings bought out renowned US refinery Johnson-Matthey. Asahi then launched refining operations in the US and Canada, where many of their silver rounds and bars are currently manufactured.

Although Asahi Refinery is one of the newest private mints in the industry, this mint is known for its high-quality, beautifully-designed products. As a LBMA London Good Delivery and COMEX approved refiner, Asahi Refinery’s bars and rounds are also IRA-approved.

Asahi Refinery

Asahi Refinery produces a variety of 1 oz silver rounds. These include the standard1 oz silver round, the 1 oz Proof Buffalo Round,  oz Reverse-Proof Buffalo Round, the 1 oz Freedom Liberty Round, and the newer 1 oz Asahi Liberty Trade Buffalo Round.

Asahi Silver Rounds are perfect for adding value to your portfolio without breaking the bank. The detailed designs and stunning craftsmanship make Asahi products truly stand out in the precious metals industry. Start stacking some Asahi silver today!