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Origin of the Peace Dollar

Peace Dollars succeeded the popular Morgan Dollar. This dollar was a mark of initiation of new and fresh ideas. This coin was the result of an idea to release a new victory coin that was available at face value to memorialize peace after World War I. This idea was put forth by the editor of "The Numismatist" in 1918, Mr. Frank Duffield.

Even after a lot of urging by numismatists to release a new coin, Congress was not convinced to pass the bill required to mint these coins. However, under the Act of 1890, a new coin could be introduced at the discretion of the Secretary of Treasury if the old coin had been in mintage for more than 25 years. Hence, the Morgan Dollars were replaced by the new Peace Dollars in December 1921, sidestepping the need for Congress to pass anything at all.

The Peace Dollar

The Silver Peace Dollar is the last US silver coin to have been in circulation. It was minted between the time periods of  1921-1928 and 1934-1935. This Silver Dollar was released in 1921, the same year minting of the Morgan Dollar concluded. This is an exclusive and rare silver coin, as it was created to celebrate American victory in the First World War and as a mark of peace. By this fact, the Peace Dollar has significant historical value, as it is the symbol of the United States' establishment of a dominant world power.


To choose a design for the latest issue of this coin, the Commission of Fine Arts held a 10-day competition on behalf of the Mint Director. Because these coins needed to be released within the year 1921, the competition was held with very short notice and did not give enough time for participating artists to prepare. Only eight artists participated in the contest, by invitation. The design of a New York sculptor, Anthony de Francisci, won this competition. He was an assistant to Adolph Weinman.

Due to a lack of sufficient time, Francisci could not hire a model for his obverse design. Hence for the profile portrait of Lady Liberty, he used his Italian-born wife, Teresa de Francisci, as the model for the design. In comparison to the all the previous Lady Liberty portraits, Lady Liberty on this dollar has a more lifelike appearance, with well-defined facial features She is wearing a radiate crown, and her hair is gently blowing in the wind. The inscription "In God We Trust", her name, and the mint date are also depicted on the front side of the Peace Silver Dollar.

The reverse side represents the symbol of peace: the American bald eagle with an olive branch in its talons. Also, behind the American eagle, the sun rays are depicted in a shape similar to Liberty's crown. Above the national bird "United States of America" and "E Pluribus Unum" are inscribed.


The Peace Dollar may have been a short-lived series, but the US Mint struck an abundant number of coins at its three branches: the Philadelphia Mint (no mint mark), the Denver Mint (D), and the San Francisco Mint (S).

Rare Dates

Just 24 coins make up the entire run of Peace Dollars. There are no significant rarities in this series. Hence, complete date-and-mint sets are what collectors wish to have of this series.

Impressive Shopping Options

Keeping in mind different client needs, we carry an array of Peace Dollar options. There are certified coins for collectors and bags and rolls of coins of various denominations for investors.You are free to make a choice from our wide selection based on your budgetary needs.

When you buy Peace Silver Dollars, you own a piece of history

American Silver Dollars, most of them consisting of Morgan Dollars, were sold to Great Britain during the First World War. These coins were melted down to support the country during the war. Peace Silver Dollars were created to replace them. The 1934 Peace Coin has added value, as very few of them survived through to today. This connection to history makes the  Peace Silver Dollars highly appreciated. The Peace Dollars for sale are considered to be very rare because they emphasize the high impact of World War I and The Great Depression on American coinage history. Also, during the increase of the cost of silver, many Peace Dollars were melted down to silver bars, making them attractive because of their scarcity. This added value makes them desirable both by collectors, due to their numismatic value, and investors who appreciate them as junk silver investment opportunities. The rich history and patriotic design make this coin a charming piece of the American Silver Coin Collection. Bullion Exchanges presents you with the opportunity to appreciate the value of the Peace Dollar and to own this impressive piece of United States' history: the last minted silver coin. Check out our coin collection and the Peace Dollar prices above.

Investing in Peace Dollars

Peace Dollars are as popular as Morgan Dollars when it comes to investment or collection. The design is unique, the coin has 90% silver content, and it makes a great long-term investment option. Collectors love it for its age, history, and numismatic appeal. The certified coins also have high numismatic value. These coins are perfect gifts for children, family, and friends. Peace Dollar silver coins were a relatively short series of American coins and hence have great demand. The coins can enhance your investment portfolio. They are legal tender of the USA and are well-recognized coins, making them easy to liquefy. They also offer high divisibility to your portfolio.