Silver Morgan Dollar Coins

Silver Morgan Dollar Coins

Origin of Morgan Silver Dollars

The Comstock Lode silver strike, one of the biggest silver strikes in history, was situated in Nevada on the eastern slopes of Mount Davidson. The market saw a sudden decline in the price of silver as soon as the silver from the Comstock Lode started flooding the market. The government had to take immediate measures to prevent the drastic effect this flooding would cause the economy, and so Congress subsequently passed the Bland-Allison Act. According to this act, the Treasury Department had to purchase two to four million dollars worth of silver at market value for coining into dollars each month. This led to the existence of the silver Morgan Dollars, and the quantity produced was far more than the amount needed for circulation. The excess silver dollars were stored in bags in the Treasury’s vaults for many years before being released to the public after the 1960s.

The Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most collectible official US currencies. Each coin consists of 90% silver and has a face value of $1. The Morgan Dollar has high collectible value and strike quality, along with a unique, appealing design. Minted from 1878 until 1904 and once again in 1921, Morgan Silver Dollars are very popular among numismatists of any experience level. Even though the Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most common US coins from the 19th and 20th centuries, it can be very challenging to collect due to the rarity of some date and mintmark combinations, and varieties (known as "VAMs").

These coins were produced before the Peace Silver Dollar coins. Up until the year 1962, these coins were considered less common, until the moment when a cache of them was found in a Philadelphia Mint vault. This discovery led to an increase of exchanges for silver certificates which continued until 1964. Bullion Exchanges offers a wide range of Morgan Dollars from both of their "eras": the less common backdates of 1878-1904, and the one-year issue of 1921.

Silver Morgan Dollar Design

George T. Morgan designed both the obverse and reverse sides of the Morgan Dollars in 1878, and they share their obverse with the 1877 half dollar coin. The obverse side depicts an exclusive portrait of Lady Liberty. Morgan invited a school teacher from Philadelphia, Anna Williams, to pose as Lady Liberty. Through this representation, he masterfully changed the usual neoclassical (Grecian) appearance of Lady Liberty and gave her a uniquely American look. The portrait of Lady Liberty is surrounded by 13 stars, along with its mint date and the words "E Pluribus Unum".

The reverse side of the coin is also an uncommon version of the heraldic eagle that is often used on coins. Morgan depicted the new eagle image after studying real-life eagles in nature. He also removed the traditional breastplate and added a branch of pine in its claws. The eagle is surrounded by the words "One Dollar" and "United States of America", along with the inscription "In God We Trust" above its head.


Morgan Dollars were minted at five different mints: the Philadelphia mint (no mint mark), the New Orleans Mint (O), San Francisco Mint (S), Carson City Mint (CC), and Denver Mint (D).

Rare Dates

Key dates that are extremely rare to come by include 1895, 1893-S, 1895-O, 1892-S, 1889-CC, 1884-S, and 1879-CC.

Impressive Shopping Options

Keeping in mind different client needs, we carry an array of Morgan Dollar options in our inventory. There are certified coins for collectors and bags and rolls of coins of various denominations for investors. You are free to make a choice from our wide selection based on your budgetary needs.

When you buy Morgan Silver Dollars, you own a piece of history

Collecting Silver Morgan Dollar Coins is both engaging and rewarding. The Silver Morgan Dollar is one of the rarest silver coins, and this fact makes them a good investment option. When buying Morgan Silver coins, take into consideration how long you will want to keep them in your collection. Morgan Silver Dollars in the best condition are the most valuable. Many of these coins have impressive stories behind them. Having a high face value, they were probably used by gunslingers, railroad barons or wealthy poker players during their circulation. Bullion Exchanges gives you the opportunity to own an impressive piece of history by offering you an extensive collection of Morgan Dollars for sale. Check out these stunning silver coins above.

Investing in Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Dollars, although ignored until the 60s, are currently one of the most sought after pre-1965 coins. There are several advantages to owning these coins. Their demand is greater than their supply, as the minting of these coins has stopped.

Pre-1965 silver coins are famous for their small premium over spot price, making them a popular non-bullion choice for investors. Their historical significance, rarity, and condition make them a collector favorite. For someone looking to buy in bulk on a budget, these coins are an excellent choice. Get a silver dollar 1878 or other morgan silver dollars today!