US Commemorative Coins & Medals

The United States has produced various commemorative coins as a celebration of special personalities, places, events, or institutions. Commemorative coins are legal tender but are not intended for general circulation, making them highly desirable for coin collectors.

There are advocates who place the beginning of the commemorative, US coinage tradition back in 1848, marked with the issuance of the 2½ dollar gold piece counter stamped "CAL", in commemoration of the discovery of gold in California. Others believe the 1892 half-dollar coin was the first one in the US, marking the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage to America. Either way, historians agree that there is a clear gap between 1954 and 1982, and have marked coins minted from 1892 to 1954 as Early Commemoratives and those issued since 1982 as Modern Commemoratives.

Early US Commemorative Coins

During the period between 1892 and 1954, commemorative coins were used to raise profits in order to fund a specific project. Circulation of these coins was considered to be a fundraising mechanism, as an alternative to an increased tax rate. In this context, the high number of commemorative coins that were issued during this period garnered raised suspicions of the US Mint. The last commemorative coin of this time period was the Washington–Carver 50-cent piece.

Modern US Commemorative Coins

The United States resumed the issuing of commemorative coins in 1982 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. The US Mint issued over 7 million of these coins and the profits were solely used for reducing the US national debt.
Modern commemoratives are minted on special occasions that mark memorable events, buildings, or personalities of great national or international significance. Commemorative coins are minted both in silver and gold, however, silver is considered more popular and the silver dollar remains the traditional denomination.

US Silver Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are minted both in gold and silver, but the latter is considered to be the number one seller in all of the American numismatics by several publications. It is estimated that the US Mint issues at least two new commemorative designs each year.

Since 1982, by issuing Silver Commemorative Coins, the US Mint managed to raise over $500 million dedicated to building new museums and preserving historical sites and national monuments like the Vietnam War Memorial, the home of George Washington and others.

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