The Creatures of the North Series

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The Royal Canadian Mint unleashes the fury of the fearsome Kraken with the new 2020 2 oz Royal Canadian Creatures of the North Series The Kraken Silver Coin! This release marks the first-ever issue of the bi-annual “Creatures of the North” series from RCM. The 2020 Kraken Coin contains .9999 fine silver and weighs 2 troy ounces. Also, as certified legal tender in Canada, this creepy “Creatures” coin carries a face value of $10 (CAN). Additionally, the Royal Canadian Mint went above and beyond to ensure the collector’s peace of mind, using precise radial lines in the background as well as a micro-engraved maple leaf to add an extra layer of security. Brave the briny deep and add this Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Kraken Coin to your collection today!


The first mentions of this fearsome creature trace back to old Scandinavian folklore. In fact, the word “Kraken”, taken from Norwegian and Swedish, is the definite form of krake. Krake translates to a word that designated an unhealthy animal or something twisted. Furthermore, in German, Krake means “octopus”, which shares similar features with the mythical Kraken of legends. According to various sources, the Kraken is a giant squid-like creature that terrorizes sailors and ships, dooming them to a watery demise. Reported sightings off the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador keep the legend of the Kraken alive. When a 17-meter squid washed up in northeast Newfoundland in 1878, many believed it confirmed that something unnatural lurked in the waters. The Kraken has been depicted in comic books, literature, and film. Notably, in 2010’s Clash of the Titans, the line “Release the Kraken” garnered instant fame, inspiring hilarious jokes across the internet.


The obverse of the coin, designed by Susanna Blunt, showcases the bust of Queen Elizabeth II. Besides wearing elegant earrings, she also wears a regal pearl necklace. She faces to the right, surrounded by inscriptions. The background notably features a unique radial line design. 2020 2 oz Royal Canadian Creatures of the North Series The Kraken Silver Coin BU The reverse, designed by artist Gerald Gloade, displays the fearsome legendary creature – The Kraken. The Sea Monster is shown tearing apart a three-masted ship, its angry eyes intensely staring straight ahead. RCM’s masterful engravers brought the scene to life with intricate details down to the suckers on the Kraken’s tentacles. The broken wooden planks from the hapless ship also add an impactful touch to the mesmerizing scene.


Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint manufactures circulation coins as well as a large variety of bullion products. It also releases commemorative coins for collectors worldwide. Furthermore, they provide consumers with the well-known Gold and Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins, a staple of Canadian coinage. Check out the other 2020 Canadian coin releases Bullion Exchanges currently offers, including the new 2020 2 oz Canada Goose Silver Coin and the 2020 2 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mounted Police Coin.