Canada the Great Silver Coins

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Bullion Exchanges, in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint, is proud to launch the exclusive “Canada the Great” (CTG) series featuring the most significant Canadian landmarks. “Canada the Great” represents a new approach in mintage design and offers you a tour around Canada - the second-largest land and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This country has so many iconic landmarks that deserve to be exquisitely represented to the public! There are nearly four million square miles of Canada worthy to be explored, from the temperate rain forest of British Columbia to southern Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe.” Bullion Exchanges and the Royal Canadian Mint are very excited to invite you to join us on this fantastic journey. This is a long-term project thus many great surprises will be coming soon.

Bullion Exchanges is considering to release the following CTG coins designs:

After “America the Beautiful” road trip around America by U.S. Mint, this unique RCM series features National Canadian landmarks: beautiful parks, historical monuments, iconic lakes and also several remarkable National Canadian aspects (sports achievements, talented people, architecture, etc.).

The following CTG coins design are coming soon:

  • CN Tower

  • National Banff Park

  • Toronto Zoo

  • Old Quebec

  • Old Toronto City Hall

The series’ name comes from the statement “Canada the Great North” which explains the epic Canadian nature, historical geography, and equality of nations. CTG’s design will definitely capture the imagination of any coins’ enthusiastic and passionate numismatist.

The first coin in the series

The first coin released in this series, 2017 $50 Niagara Falls fine silver, depicts the panoramic view of one of the greatest Canadian National Sites - the Niagara Falls. As all Canadian silver coins, this series presents the recognizable design, products’ high quality and purity of metal content. The expectable excellence makes RCM silver coins the one-of-the-kind art-work in international coinage.      

Niagara Falls is a magnificent symbol of nature’s power over the industrial progress of human beings. Several bullion aspects make this Niagara Falls coin a one-of-a-kind product on the market. This thrilling coin has a unique weight of 10 troy ounces and the highest denomination available in silver bullion. It also comes with radial lines that act as a special security feature and an exclusive 76.25 mm diameter, which makes every coin’s detail shine!

We look forward to announcing upcoming coins in Canada the Great series and hope you will share this journey around Canada with Bullion Exchanges. If you have any questions, contact our customer service associates at 800.852.6884, through our live chat feature, or by email at [email protected].