5 oz Silver Coins



If you are looking to buy silver and gold, consider investing in coins like our 5 oz silver coin size. When you begin to buy silver and gold, you should keep in mind the prices for these bullion products might rise with larger sizes. However, the larger size you purchase, the more bang you get for your buck. As opposed to buying five 1 oz silver coins, for example, buying a single 5 oz coin is often better. Buying one large coin means you are paying for the silver content, and also production costs in the form of premiums. If you buy five coins, you are paying five premiums instead of a single one. Don’t pay more, shop our 5 oz silver coins now!



5-ounce silver coins are wonderful for coin enthusiasts and investors looking to hedge their investment portfolios. Why let your long-term investing be boring and stressful? When you buy silver and gold coins, you get the chance to inject personality into your portfolio and protect your assets! Bullion Exchanges offers you the chance to individualize your investments at the most competitive prices in the industry.



The US Mint is the only authorized manufacturer of America’s legal tender coins. It has been making circulating coinage and bullion coins since the 1700's, with only a brief lapse during the Great Depression. FDR at that time outlawed private ownership of precious metals. In 1986, however, the US Mint started up production once again to produce top-selling fine coinage such as their ever-popular American Eagle coins that you can buy in silver and gold. You can purchase their limited 5-oz silver America the Beautiful series.


The People’s Republic of China produces highly creative and expertly crafted silver coins for investors internationally. The Silver Panda coins capture the Temple of Heaven on one side of the coin, whereas the other side annually updates with illustrations of pandas. If you love pandas, or know someone who does, purchase one of their gorgeous panda coins to start an annual collection.


As a half-millennia old mint, the Mexican Mint strikes coins in many different sizes for investors to buy silver and gold. For the one century anniversary of independence from Spain, the Mexican Mint struck the Centenario coin. Today, its best known modern coin is the Libertad, which took inspiration from the Centenario. 



5 oz silver coins offer you a great way to strengthen your investment portfolio and hedge your assets. When you buy silver and gold from Bullion Exchanges, you can expect only the most competitive prices and a dedicated team ready to assist you. Check out the other coins we have in our inventory in gold, platinum, and palladium. Want more silver coins? We also have ½ oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1-kilo silver coins for you. Enjoy browsing our wide silver inventory! If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our deals to get great deals when you are ready to buy silver and gold.