Bullion Exchanges Exclusives

Bullion Exchanges Exclusives

Buy Silver Online - Exclusive Silver Bullion For Sale With Bullion Exchanges

Looking for the best place to buy silver bullion online? Bullion Exchanges offers exclusive products that you cannot find anywhere else. We have partnered with different mints and manufacturers to create original and iconic silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars, silver rounds, figurines, and more. All our silver bullion is made from at least .999 fine silver that has been struck by renowned mints and refineries such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and PAMP Suisse. Our portfolio has a plethora of creative silver bullion products that are sure to infuse individuality and personality into your silver collection. With Bullion Exchanges, you can easily buy silver online, and you are sure to find something unique in our catalog. Be sure to get our exclusive products while supplies last!

Wallstreet Silver Rounds

In 2021, a rally took over Wallstreet like never before. Bullion Exchanges sought to capture this major economic event on our 2021 Wallstreet Silver Rounds in 1 troy oz of .999 fine silverFeaturing artwork and allusions to memes that supported the massive buying, these silver rounds are inspired by Reddit’s investing forums and the culture that surfaced from it. 

Stocks targeted by the forum crowd are featured front and center with their tickers: $GME for GameStop, $AMC for the movie theatre chain, $BB for BlackBerry, and so on. Popular phrases that incited further support in the subforums include “Diamond Hands,” “HODL,” “GameStonk,” and “To the Moon.” These phrases and related imagery all appear on our silver rounds to showcase the massive rally on the stock market. Take your investments to the moon and hold onto these silver rounds for years to come, before they are gone for good.

Mythical Creatures Silver Bullion Coin Series

In 2021, Bullion Exchanges launched its first silver bullion coins in our very own Mythical Creaturessilver bullion coin program. The first release of this series was the Silver Mermaid and Unicorn, available as a .999 fine silver bullion coin. The silver coins of this collection weigh 2 troy ounces and have an extremely limited mintage of 1,000. Anyone who enjoys magic and fantasy must not pass up the opportunity to own any of these limited edition coins. Grab our exclusive silver bullion for sale online at the push of a button!

2021 Bull Versus Bear Silver Coins

Not to be confused with our Bull and Bear coins from the Perth Mint, the Bull VS Bear silver coins specifically capture the market mayhem of 2021 thanks to the pandemic. Although bull and bear markets tend to be gradual oscillations, the world health crisis threw the international economy into extreme uncertainty. Companies and industries that once flourished with bull runs that lasted for years suddenly crashed into the bear market territory. Other industries saw sudden spikes, such as Tesla and Bitcoin, and their values mounted to record highs within months. Due to this volatility, we decided to capture economic history on silver with these Bull VS Bear Pandemic silver bullion coins. These were made with .999 fine silver and weigh 2 troy oz each. Only 2,500 were made, so make sure to collect before the opportunity is gone.

Bullion Exchanges Silver Bottle Caps

Here at Bullion Exchanges, in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District, we wanted to create something special to own our hometown pride. These silver bottle caps are made with .999 fine silver and weigh six grams. They each come in a special bag that features our logo, motto, and city of origin. 

On the front of the silver bottle caps, our logo sits over a yellow or black background. The reverse of the bottle caps spotlights the famous NYC skyline, featuring the George Washington Bridge, Empire State Building, Lady Liberty statue, the Coney Island Ferris Wheel, and more. The year our company was founded appears below the skyline. You won’t find this silver bullion for sale anywhere else, so make sure you secure it from Bullion Exchanges.

Bullion Exchanges Lucky Silver Dice

Everyone rolls the dice on the stock market, but there is no need to gamble to win on your silver investments. Check out our 2 x 2 oz Pair of Lucky Silver Dice—made with 2 troy ounces of .999 fine silver each. We are thrilled to bring these original silver gaming dice to collectors who are craving that unique showpiece in their collections. The dice are available as a limited edition set of two, with a mintage of only5,000. Buy this for yourself or as a gift for an avid card or board game player. Maybe the luck of the silver dice will pay off!

Perth Mint and Bullion Exchanges 

Bullion Exchanges has worked closely with the Perth Mint for years. They annually strike the Dragon Privy Marked Lunar Year coins as well as our Bull and Bearcoins exclusively for us. These coins are all legal tender of Australia with a high fineness of .9999 pure silver

The Bull and Bear silver bullion coins are available as either a 1 kilogram or a one-ounce silver coin size. Inspired by the real-life nature of the market, the bull and bear design showcases the investing world in zoomorphic imagery. A bull market indicates a period of major economic growth for a specific sector that continues over a long period of time. On the other hand, the bear market is an indication of stunted growth or a period of continued loss in a given market. As a bull thrusts upward with its horns, the bear swipes downward during an attack. This is is how the charts move for any given sector undergoing either of these runs. Add one of these creatively designed silver Perth Mint coins to your collection today!

Bullion Exchanges’ inventory is the only one with the Dragon privy marked Perth Mint Silver Lunar Year coins. These stunning one-ounce silver bullion coins feature the Perth Mint’s original image for the Chinese Zodiac of the year plus the exclusive privy mark of a dragon on the coins’ reverses. Chinese culture maintains that the dragon is an auspicious symbol, so adding this mark onto these exclusive silver bullion coins may just offer you some extra luck.

Exclusive PAMP Suisse Platinum Bars

Looking to diversify? Bullion Exchanges could not agree more, which is why we additionally offer exclusive PAMP Suisse platinum bars! These .9995 fine bars feature familiar images, but only Bullion Exchanges offers them in platinum. Some of our bars include the beloved PAMP Suisse Rosa bars, emblazoned with an everlasting rose, and the Lunar Year bars. The unique PAMP Suisse platinum bars in our inventory come in a variety of sizes from gram-sized to one ounce. Investors, beware! These exclusive bars usually have an extremely limited mintage of 1,000, so strike while the iron is hot and procure yours before we run out for good.

The Best Place to Buy Silver Bullion Online

Bullion Exchanges strives to be the best place to buy silver bullion online. Not only do we offer an easy checkout process, but we also customize your investing experience by offering exclusive items that you can buy online anytime we have them in stock. 

Buying our exclusive silver products will ensure the lowest premiums on all purchases. Whether you’re looking to add one-ounce silver coins to your collection or you are just starting out, Bullion Exchanges has everything you need to get started today. Check out our full catalog of silver rounds, silver bullion bars, and silver bullion coins. Take advantage of our inventory and buy silver online with us now. Remember, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders that are $99+.