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About Silver Bullets

Silver bullets are quickly becoming very popular form of investing in silver amongst gun enthusiasts, silver collectors and investors passionate about weapons history due to their exclusive designs and competitive prices. These bullets are minted to commemorate historical pieces of weapon ammunition, which significantly increased their popularity. Even though each silver piece was created to replicate the aspect of a real ammunition, they aren’t produced to be used or fired from a weapon. They serve as a unique physical silver bullion for investing in precious metals.

Designs, sizes and purity of silver bullets

Each bullet is made of .999 pure silver. Usually, they are produced by private mints and refineries in various sizes and weights from 1 oz. and .45 caliber silver bullet, replicated after the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, to 100 oz. and 30 mm caliber bullet, modeled after the .30 mm Auto-Cannon ammunition. Besides these two famous sizes, Bullion Exchanges also offers you 2 oz. .308 caliber and 10 oz. .50 caliber silver options, inspired by the well-known .308 Winchester and the .50 Browning Machine Gun. The 2 oz. .308 caliber solid silver bullet is also sold in boxes of 10 pieces and the 1 oz. .45 caliber - in boxes of 20 silver bullets. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that although these are new and come straight from their manufacturers, they may have blemishes, scratches or dings on their surface. Yet these imperfections won’t affect their silver content or value.

Prices of Silvertowne Bullets

The unique physical design isn’t the only characteristic that makes silver bullets an attractive investment option. Many investors and collectors choose silver bullets because sometimes they carry lower premiums and can be cheaper than silver coins. Typically, each silver price is only a few dollars above the spot price. Bullion Exchanges offers you silver bullets price very close to silver spot price per ounce. Silver bullets are a present a great opportunity to diversify your investment or collection portfolio with comparatively affordable, yet exceptional precious metal pieces.  

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