Silver Bars

For many years, precious metals have been used by investors to protect their wealth against inflation during economic cycles. Silver bullion bars are not an exception from this financial assurance practice. Moreover, silver bars are considered to be one of the most preferred methods of diversifying investment portfolios, because of their lower premiums in comparison with silver coins. This is why investing in silver bars is considered to be a very cost-effective option for investors and collectors.

Why you should consider buying silver bars?

There are many reasons to purchase silver bars, with the most significant being their affordable pricing, however other characteristics attribute to the popularity of silver bars on  the precious metals market, such as:

  1. Silver bars are regarded as an affordable investment due to their low premiums and bulk discounts;
  2. Silver bars have uniform shapes and sizes - which makes them easy to be stored, counted and transferred, and easily valued according to their available sizes;
  3. Silver’s scarcity: During the last 20 years, silver supplies have become limited, because of its intensive demand in the precious metal field and industrial services.

Whether you’re buying silver bars for the first time or you’re a repeat buyer, it is important to be knowledgeable of the products readily available for purchase. Take a look at the following sizes and manufacturers below.

Silver Bars Sizes

Silver bars are manufactured in different sizes that will suit any investor’s or collector’s requirements. When browsing silver offers, keep in mind that they are listed in troy ounces, which are different than ounces used to measure liquids: 12 troy ounces weigh 1 pound. Silver Bars serve as an extraordinary enhancement to any existing precious metals collection, but they are more importantly a phenomenal investment. Bullion Exchanges offers you the most popular sized silver bars on the market:

  • 1-ounce silver bars – a great choice if you are an entry-level investor or a beginning collector because they are very easy to trade and are widely available. The one-ounce silver bar price is easy to be calculated as the silver spot price is usually established for 1 ounce.
  • 5-ounce silver bars – since the production costs of silver bars are usually the same regardless of their sizes, the 5-ounce silver bars are a good option for those who want to make a greater investment but still want to keep them at a reasonable price.
  • 10-ounce silver bars – is one of the most popular silver bar items. Investors and collectors consider them the perfect middle investment between smaller ones, in 1-ounce and 5-ounce silver bars, and sizable investments, in 100-ounce and 1000-ounce silver bars. Having affordable prices, they are an outstanding choice as a gift option for different special occasions.
  • 100-ounce silver bars – are usually chosen by experienced silver investors because when looking to buy them in the market, you will realize a lower premium over spot compared to 1 oz and 10 oz weight bars.
  • 1000-ounce silver bars - have the lowest silver price over spot. Each of these bars can be used for trading large quantities of silver bullion on the Commodity Futures Trading Exchange. These silver bars are often preferred by highly professional investors.

Silver bars are usually manufactured by certain companies and mints, carrying the .999 fine purity stamp along with their weight inscription. Newer silver bars are in assay cards, like gold bars, having a unique serial number, weight and purity inscription, according to the manufacturer which produced them.

Silver Bars Manufacturers

Since silver bars have been manufactured by years, the existing items are differentiated in those that are no longer produced and exist only on secondary markets and silver bars produced by newer companies.

Some of the existing silver bars have been produced by two very old and popular silver companies: Engelhard and Johnson Matthey. These companies are no longer operating. This is why silver bars produced by them are considered to be very rare and definitely worthy to be collected. Their designs are unique and their historical value makes these silver bars very desired by collectors on the precious metal market.

Among the newest manufacturers, the most popular are PAMP Suisse, Silvertowne, and NTR Metals. They produce silver bars of different sizes and designs. During the last year, Canadian and Australian companies also began to produce silver bars, like the Royal Canadian Mint with its stunningly crafted bars and impressive designs.

Besides the above-mentioned manufacturers, the following companies are also specialized in producing silver bars: A-Mark, Asahi, Atlantis Mint, Geiger, Highland Mint, OPM Metals, Perth Mint, Scottsdale Mint, Sunshine, and Valcambi. Aside from the most popular silver brands previously mentioned, there are also countless other companies producing silver bars with collections worth investing in.

If you have questions about purchasing silver bars, Bullion Exchanges has the answers! Our customer service representatives are available by phone at 1-800-852-6884, through use of our live feature, or by submitting an e-mail inquiry to [email protected].