Black Ruthenium Coins

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Black Ruthenium, 24K gold plated silver coins make a striking and eye-catching addition to your coin collection. These coins are originally struck in silver, then the Merrick Mint coats a select few in gorgeous black ruthenium with 24K gold plating. These black ruthenium coins are available only from Bullion Exchanges, and our exclusive coins offer you a truly unique way to expand your collection. Buy black ruthenium coins from Bullion Exchanges to add truly distinctive coins to your collection! 


Since the late 1700s, the US Mint has been the solely authorized producer of American gold coins. Originally, the US Mint ran bullion coin production until it was temporarily outlawed in 1933 to fight the Great Depression. Then, in 1986, the US Mint resumed bullion coin production with its fantastic American Eagles in gold and silver, and later with the American Buffalo coins and other commemorative coinage. Diversify your US Mint collection and buy black ruthenium coins from Bullion Exchanges!


For centuries the British Royal Mint has been producing phenomenal coinage. In fact, its roots can be traced back to 886 so far through the history of the royal bloodline. The coins struck through these centuries have established and preserved important history and mythology. Some of their most famous series include the Queen’s Beasts, Britannia coins, Valiant coins, and Lunar coins. Don’t stop at the original silver editions, purchase these coins in black ruthenium!


Originally beginning as a branch of the Royal British Mint, Canada struck out on its own to produce its own coinage in the 1900s. While this is a younger mint, the RCM has built up a reputation as a pioneer for the technology used in the mining and refining industry. The Canadian Maple Leaf coins are among the most popular and safest coins to invest in thanks to their special security design feature. Purchase a beautiful Black Ruthenium Maple Leaf coin for a remarkable piece of art that will diversify your collection.


When the Austrian Mint comes to mind, many coin collectors think of its revolutionary 1989 debut with the Philharmonic coin series. The Austrian Philharmonic Coins honor the heritage of Austrian arts and culture through the image of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Why not own this coin in a dazzling black ruthenium edition? Complete your collection by purchasing your black ruthenium Austrian Philharmonic coins.


The People’s Republic of China remains, year after year, one of the top consumers of precious metals. Although much of its consumption involves industrial usage, China uses a great amount of gold and silver to strike coins that commemorate their culture. In particular, their Panda coins are a staple that honor the national animal of China and the famous landmark the Temple of Heaven. 


‘La Casa de Moneda de México’ was founded by Spanish decree in 1535. Mexico gained independence from Spain in the 1800s, and the Mexican Mint struck the famous gold Centenario coin to commemorate 100 years of Mexican independence. Today its best-known coin is the Libertad, which was inspired by the Centenario. Own the silver Libertad in black ruthenium from Bullion Exchanges today!


The New Zealand Mint began in 1967 and today has become a highly popular mint. It is also the only private mint in the country. Its coins are struck with pop culture references such as Star Wars and classic Disney in fine silver and .9999 gold. Among its bestsellers includes the Double Dragon coins. The New Zealand Mint extends to you a great opportunity to gift fun coins to anyone, and Bullion Exchanges expands that offer with their coins in black ruthenium.


The South African Mint is the official sovereign mint owned by the South African Reserve Bank, and it has been around for over one century. This mint strikes the official currency of South Africa, and commemorative bullion coins to capture the culture and nature of the country. Its most famous release is its Gold Krugerrand. You can buy the Silver Krugerrand in black ruthenium from Bullion Exchanges today.


The South Korean Mint is the sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage in South Korea, and it began in 1951. Also known as KOMSCO, it also produces coins, postage stamps, certificates, national bonds, and more for the South Korean government. Like the Royal Canadian Mint, KOMSCO places great emphasis on innovating technology for security. Their more popular releases include the Zi:Sin series which is inspired by the 12-year cycle of the Lunar calendar.  



Black ruthenium coins are a unique type of collectible with stunning designs that will really add character and completion to your coin collection. We boast these black ruthenium coins as a Bullion Exchanges exclusive product with the Merrick Mint, so look no further than us for your black ruthenium coins. We hope you enjoy browsing our wide selection of black ruthenium coins and do not forget to check our deals when you shop with us!