US Mint Palladium Coins

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Thanks to the 2010 American Eagle Palladium Coin Act, the mintage of Palladium American Eagles started in 2017 and carries on through this year. This Eagle coin is the only palladium coin to be minted by the US. It is manufactured using .9995 fine palladium weighing one troy ounce, and carrying a face value of $25 US. Each has featured the same design on both obverse and reverse.

The first year of release, the Palladium Eagle was produce as a bullion coin with a matte finish. It had a limited mintage of only 15,000 coins. The mint sold out within 15 minutes of their release due to their popularity. In 2018, the US Mint released the a proof version minted at West Point - carrying a W mint mark. This was also limited to a mintage of 15,000. For 2019, the Palladium American Eagles will continue to be minted in West Point with the W mint mark and will feature a special reverse proof finish. The mintage for the Reverse Proof Palladium Eagle will be 30,000 coins. Check out the products above to buy and own this relatively new lineage of coins